Caftan Or Kaftan? What's The Correct Spelling, and Origin?

A Kaftan is a traditional long dress also known as a Muu-Muu dress that many women around the world have been wearing for thousands of years. Women belonging to the Middle East, North Africa have mostly been identified as wearing these ankle-length dresses as traditional wear which lead to popularity in the Western Region in the 1960s. 

These long dresses are not just comfortable to wear, but they’re also very fashionable and can be worn with any style and on any occasion.

Is it spelled Kaftan Or Caftan? 

Neither spellings are wrong as many cultures have their own form of the kaftan. However, English and French colonialism play a small part in how people use the letter "C" and "K" when writing the word caftan. 

caftan or kaftan 

How Kaftans Had Originated?

Kaftan is a Persian word, was discovered in the times of Ancient Mesopotamia. The Ottomans in between the 14-18th centuries wore these ankle-length dresses and it was considered a luxurious outfit due to which it was also exchanged as gifts amongst the important people of that time. Kaftans were not just for women, but they were also worn by men in different styles across the North African region, the reason being the hot climate in that region which required clothing needed to be breezier and for keeping the body cool.


Later, in the 19th century, Kaftans made their way into the homes of Western people and high-end fashion brands, like Oscar De La Renta, Dior, and Balenciaga. It was later declared by the famous fashion magazine, Vogue to be an essential part of your closet to promote traditional wear.


What’s So Special About The Caftan?

While it’s just traditional wear for women coming from the North African and Middle Eastern region, it has become fashionable wear in the Western region where you will find women styling it in many ways. Talking about why it is so special; it’s actually the fabric of the Caftan that makes it so unique, stylish, yet comfortable and who doesn’t want all of this combined into something you can wear and look beautiful? The cloth of Caftan is either made of silk, cashmere, cotton or wool and has a good feeling when you wear it. It can be like a long loose dress or it can be like a robe or tunic, depending on the country of origin.

muumuu kaftan

Different Types of Kaftans?

In the Middle Eastern region, you will find Kaftans in the form of Black or plain colored “Abayas” which is worn over clothes to show modesty. In North Africa, you will find colorful embroidered Kaftans with beautiful designs worn as casual wear or sleepwear, whereas in Western countries, you will find it in the form of tunics or long dresses with a touch of western style that can be worn as streetwear or loungewear. 


If you’re someone who is looking for a nice outfit for a brunch date, party or even just for staying at home in comfort, you get to choose from a huge variety of different patterns, colors, and styles of Kaftans and add some vintage jewelry to make it more fashionable.


Now you know a little bit more about the Kaftan trends, and it's evolution. Tell us which Caftan have you tried? and when do you prefer to wear it?

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